If you are considering Relocating, Retiring or Investing in Costa Rica, then our informative Discovery Tours are perfect for you and they will definitely save you time and money.      
Our Expertise and Knowledge of the country
will give you all the necessary tools to make
        a wise and well informed decision!

If  Costa Rica is a possibility you are seriously considering; either as a Retiree or as someone who is Relocating to start a new life or if you are considering an investment in land or a rental property investment, prior to retiring or simply as an offshore investment to diversify your portfolio, then you really owe it to yourself to do so armed with as much knowledge and understanding of the country prior to your permanent arrival or prior to a investment decision.


Your Head Tour Guide, is both a USA and a Costa Rican citizen, thoroughly familiar with both cultures and languages and with a unique knowledge of Costa Rica, having spent the last 21 years involved in real estate, construction and development, and business startups in this country.


For 15 years, your Tour Guide owned The Costa Rica Real Estate & Tourism Guide, he also owned and operated a Real Estate office (Great Estates of Costa Rica) and was a partner and oversaw the development and operation of a highly successful luxury Beach Front Residential Resort in the Central Pacific as well as advising Hotels, B&B´s and other related businesses.


Having lived all over Costa Rica and experiencing first hand what a move from North America to Costa Rica to live full time is really like, he is uniquely qualified to ease your way into this new life, to show you the best places to live and buy and to point out the pitfalls you should look out for.  He will also introduce you to Professionals who are among the best in their specialties to work with you, including  Lawyers,  Accountants,  Real Estate Professionals, Builders, Architects, Doctors, Dentists, Movers, and more.  Professionals that are highly qualified, helpful, and honest who will help make your transition a smooth and pleasant experience.


WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US in this highly EDUCATIONAL and ENJOYABLE TOUR, that is absolutely the best investment you can make prior to your move, retirement or investment in Costa Rica.

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