Anytime you start to plan a vacation, one of the first considerations is where are you going to stay.  Finding just the right place is a key component in how enjoyable that vacation experience is going to be.  Regardless of what your ideal place is, whether it is a 5-star resort, a small but elegant boutique hotel, a modest B&B, a sociable hostel in the city or beach or even a room atop a treehouse, finding exactly what makes you happy is essential.

Within this and future articles, we invite you to discover some great possibilities! 


These are places where we have personally stayed at or have checked out in depth and can state with authority that you will be treated right and enjoy your stay.  Visit our website ( and you will be able to find out more information and see photos about these places and many more.  You will be able to see in depth what these places are like and all the services and amenities they have to offer, which we hope will help you to make choices that lead to a perfect and unforgettable vacation experience.

Costa Rica offers the visitor hundreds of places to stay at, in all parts of the country and in all budget ranges, from the very modest to the most extravagant world class hotel, but they all share in common, the spirit of hospitality that Costa Rica is well known for.  Even in the most remote corners of the country you can find modest but clean and well cared for cabinas (small cabin like accomodations or modest rooms) and you can also find nature lodges that cater to a specific clientele such as bird watching aficionados or sports fishing or surfing enthusiasts.  Nature lodges in extraordinary settings and offering delicious and healthy food where guests can watch wildlife from a front porch hammock or an elevated terrace can also be found. 


Costa Rica shares with the visitor an exotic destination whose natural attractions, superb climate, variety of tour options and of course, most important of all, its friendly people, all welcome you to this corner of Paradise we are lucky enough to call home!  A land of volcanoes, mountains and rivers, offering eco-tourism, adventure, sun and beautiful stretches of beach, and all within a tiny expanse of land which amazingly enough is home to 6% of the World´s bio-diversity and it all comes together to bring you a unique experience that travel writers and prestigious travel publications consider the best destination for Eco and adventure tourism in the world.  So come and stay with us and make new friends and savor new experiences that you will treasure for a lifetime.  So let´s begin to discover some of these jewels...

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