Costa Rica is located between Panama to the South and Nicaragua to the North, to the East it is bordered by the Caribbean Sea and to the West it has the Pacific Ocean.  This excellent location and abundance of protected National Parks (over 25%) offering one of the largest concentrations of flora and fauna on the planet, make it the ideal eco-tourism destination.  This location also makes Costa Rica an ideal Medical Tourism destination due to its proximity to the USA at only a short 2.5 hours flight from Miami, Florida and just 3.5 hours from Houston, Texas.


The high level of World Class quality Medical and Dental care offered in Costa Rica which is available at a fraction of the cost for the same procedures in the United States  makes it a favorite destination for medical tourists.  Such an unbeatable combination of:   (1) Proximity,   (2) High Quality of Medical/Dental care,   (3) Significantly lower costs for the same procedures compared to the same procedures in the United States and   (4) Incredibly beautiful surroundings, healthy food, relaxed environment and friendly locals, all of which you can enjoy before, during and after your treatments which adds to a speedier recovery, all combine to make it your best choice hands down!

Costa Rica´s proximity to the United States, long standing political stability boasting a long history of peaceful democratic rule, a highly ranked world class healthcare system (ranked above the U.S.), first class private health facilities, and a high standard of living compared to most other Latin American countries make it a premier destination for medical/dental tourists.

The Joint Commission International (JCI) has accredited three hospitals in Costa Rica, all located in San Jose. Some of the most popular procedures sought by medical tourists include cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, weight loss surgery, gynecology, annual checkups and dental services.  Joint Commission International, created in 1994, stands alone as a consistent beacon for patient safety and quality improvement in the global community. The JCI has a presence in more than 90 countries.


  1. Clinica Biblica Hospital in San José and a newly finished facility in Santa Ana.

  2. Hospital CIMA San José located in the Escazú suburb of San José.

  3. Hospital Clinica Católica in the Guadalupe suburb of San José (has its own hotel onsite).


Being accredited as a member of the Joint Commission International insures these hospitals offer quality, efficiency and the safety of top-quality health care. Those health care providers approved by JCI must keep pace with globalization and compete with high quality and accessible care elsewhere around the world.


Major savings can be found in all medical and dental procedures.  As an example, a comprehensive annual checkup that would cost you $3000 in the US can be done at a JCI accredited Hospital in Costa Rica for $600-800.


Another organization that has been working for more than 10 years to insure Costa Rica offers top quality Health Care is PROMED and the newly formed adjunct to it, the Costa Rican Chamber of Health. A part of PROMED efforts include supporting public and private institutions in the consolidation and strengthening of the image of Costa Rica as a destination for first class health tourism and as a quality medicine center in national and international markets, contributing to the development, in collaboration with the corresponding institutions, of an adequate country brand. Contributing to the strengthening of a medical cluster in Costa Rica, so that the country becomes a destination for health, medicine and as a world class retirement spot with first class healthcare. PROMED also works to facilitate the opening of new international markets through a comprehensive promotion of medical and health tourism in Costa Rica.



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