Discover the city of Puriscal

Puriscal was founded back in 1868 and is located less than an hour Southeast from San José but it is a hidden treasure that is usually not well known by visitors to Costa Rica and yet it is a great place to both visit on a vacation as well as a wonderful place to live in.  With many natural attractions and adorable places to visit.  For example, you can visit the town of Mastatal which boasts just 125 inhabitants and is located at the base of the La Cangreja National Park which was established in 2002.  It is a great place to take nature walks ranging from 4 to 20 kilometers and a really great place to observe bird species.  In fact, 382 different species have been sighted of the 926 species found in Costa Rica.  This area reaches a maximum height of 1305 meters above sea level offering primary and secondary forests and high mountain area vegetation and as in all the Puriscal area, the year-round temperatures are just about perfect with a range of 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tobacco and beans are the primary crops but just about everything grows well here.  The tobacco factory offers tours and has been producing world class cigars for the past 80 years!  You can also visit Rancho Mastatal Environmental Learning Center and Lodge which offers all types of classes related to Permaculture, Natural Construction methods, Animal husbandry, use of natural energy and use of medicinal plants.  You can do a daily visit or stay there longer to volunteer and learn. There are many waterfall and other nature areas for you to enjoy.  The capital city is Santiago de Puriscal, located at about an 1100-meter altitude and with approximately 40,000 inhabitants it offers all your amenities and conveniences if you live in the surrounding area.  It is a beautiful place to live in with friendly people, healthy environment, perfect weather and great deals on properties, so if you are looking for an area to build a home or buy one already built and you want to be close to nature and be able to afford a good size tract of land then this is an ideal place for you to seriously take into consideration.  There are two main ways to reach this area, one is taking Highway 27 from San José to Ciudad Colón and from there it is about 12 km to Santiago de Puriscal or you can come up from the Central Pacific town of Parrita for about 90 minutes and reach it that way.