LIVING THE BEACH LIFE but which one is best for you?   

Costa Rica is a magnet for Baby Boomer retirees due to various reasons.  Boomers are attracted to the abundance of nature, cheap fresh food, clean potable wáter throughout the country, plenty of renewable electricity, affordable quality health care,  hundreds of awesome beaches, political stability,  friendly people and various other reasons.   According to the U.S. State Department, as many as 50,000 + Americans live in Costa Rica.  One of the favorite places they choose for their retirement homes or as places to spend the cold northern Winter months are Costa Rica´s tropical beaches.  Life at the beach in Costa Rica is like being able to embark on the ultimate adventure!  With hundreds of beaches of all types and sizes throughout Costa Rica, the question is which beach will make me happiest?

In this issue we begin an ongoing series of articles exploring the beaches and beach communities of Costa Rica and what each one offers to someone who wants to retire or relocate to one of these beach locations.  Each place has its very own personality and pros and cons depending on what each person is seeking and what must haves will keep each individual or couple happy in the long run so let´s begin with the Central Pacific beaches starting with Herradura beach and Jacó beach...

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